OnCourse Learning Real Estate is now Mbition!

OnCourse Learning Real Estate is now Mbition!

We are excited to announce that OnCourse Learning Real Estate will now operate under a new brand name: Mbition. The newly formed online education brand will continue to build on the work that has been done through OnCourse’s real estate and home inspection training and education.

This change is one of several changes that stem from the recent acquisition of Mbition by holding company Lifelong Learner Holdings (LLH), based out of greater Los Angeles. The Mbition brand will be the flagship online education provider company for LLH, offering training and continuing education for the real estate, home inspection, home appraisal and technology industries.


Why Mbition?

When we set out to reinvent our brand, we knew we wanted a name that reflects the fundamental characteristics of who we are and what we deliver.

Mbition – a modern way to communicate “ambition”—captures the underlying motivation for career education and change and how that leads to a different kind of future and success. It denotes the idea that career development begins with that first step, using a bold concept that resonates with customers, employees and leadership.

The word ‘Mbition’ goes beyond just learning, and connects to a student’s personal, emotional journey to forge a new career, build a business and thrive in their new identity. Mbition invites students to “maximize their ambition” by delivering the tools needed to reach their goals. Whether a professional comes to us for test prep, CE, or professional development, Mbition represents the beginning of a brighter future.

We are confident that our new brand, and the new technology we continue to develop, will define Mbition as an innovator, industry leader and career resource for all our students and alumni.


We are so excited for the future and glad you are all along for the ride!