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Missouri Real Estate License Requirements

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Missouri

Quick Overview:

You’ll need to be 18 years of age. Then you must:

  1. Complete 72 Hours of Approved Pre-Licensing Education (including the 48-hour Pre-Licensing Course and the required 24-Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course)
  2. Pass the Course Final Exam
  3. Pass the Missouri Real Estate Exam
  4. Complete the Background Check and Fingerprinting
  5. Complete the License Application


How to Get a Real Estate License in Missouri

The Missouri Real Estate Commission requires all potential agents to complete the following steps in order to become a licensed real estate agent in the state. Follow the steps below to get started with your real estate career.

1. Complete an Approved 72-hour Missouri Real Estate Pre-Licensing Education Course.

Successfully complete the
required 72-hour Pre-Licensing course (including MREP). There are several different Missouri real estate colleges, many offer online classes as well as learning in-person coursework. Some Missouri real estate schools have an option for a free trial that can help determine if Missouri real estate courses are for you or not.

2. Pass the Course’s Final Exam

After you have completed your real estate education, you must pass the course’s final exam(s). A passing score of 75% or greater is required to move on to the next step.

3. Pass the Missouri Real Estate Licensing Exam

Once you’ve passed your course exam, the next step is passing
the Missouri Real Estate Salesperson Exam. The exam consists of two parts, a 100-question national portion and a 40-question state portion. Test takers have four hours to complete the entire exam. The exam is administered by PSI and the exam fee is $62.

If some time has passed between your coursework and your state exam or you just want to improve your chances of passing the licensing exam on the first attempt, consider investing in a Missouri-specific exam prep course.

4. Complete the Background Check and Fingerprinting

All Salesperson applicants must be fingerprinted for a Missouri and federal (FBI) criminal history background check. To do this you must register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) and follow the instructions. The background check fee is $41.75.

Applicants with a criminal history may be required to provide additional information. We should also note that
some criminal convictions result in an automatic denial of a real estate license.

5. Complete the Application Online

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, you’re just an application away from full licensure. The final step in getting a Missouri real estate Salesperson license is to apply with the Missouri Real Estate Commission. The application fee for a real estate Salesperson license is $50.

Quick Facts:

  • Real estate licenses are managed by the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) under the
    Missouri Division of Professional Registration.

  • The state of Missouri does not require Post-Licensing education.

  • Education can be completed via online courses.

Common Questions About Getting Your Missouri Real Estate License.

1. How much does it cost to get your real estate license in Missouri?

The cost of a Missouri Salesperson license can vary considerably depending on the price of your Missouri real estate classes and different types of fees for your licensing, etc. An individual can typically expect to pay $432.75 – $642.75 to get an active Missouri real estate license.

Average Course Tuition $279-$489
State Exam Fee $62
Background Check/Fingerprinting $41.75
Application Fee $50
Total $432.75 – $642.75

2. How long does it take to get a real estate license in Missouri?

The specific amount of time to complete your 72 hours of licensing can vary depending on how long each task takes you, and how long you take to complete Pre-Licensing courses. Different credit hours and requirements of each brokerage will affect each Salesperson differently.

Student Learning Pace Time Period
Full-Time Student (40 hours a week) 2 weeks
20 Hours a Week 4 weeks
10 Hours a Week 8 weeks
5 Hours a Week 15 weeks

3. If I get a real estate license in Missouri, where else can I work?

If you get a real estate license in Missouri, you are automatically eligible to work in states that offer full reciprocity. States that offer full reciprocity will recognize your Missouri license, meaning you can work in their state after fulfilling significantly less requirements. Typically, this means passing the state-specific real estate exam or taking a state-specific course. States with full reciprocity include:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Virginia
  • Washington 

The above list is not comprehensive. Please refer to
this guide for more information on reciprocity.

4. How much money can I make as a Missouri Real Estate Agent?

According to, the average salary for a Missouri real estate agent is $102,825.

Missouri Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

Missouri real estate agents are
required to complete 12 hours of approved Continuing Education courses
that must be completed during each biennium, and 3 of these credits must be approved Missouri Real Estate Commission core courses..