How to get a Real Estate License in Washington

How to Get a Real Estate License in Washington

If you’ve ever thought about getting a real estate license, now is an excellent time to do so! This versatile career can be lucrative and exciting for those willing to put in the effort. But to get there, you’ll need to enroll in a school approved by the Washington Real Estate Department of Licensing (DOL) that offers the educational courses necessary to work as an active agent. Mbition has successfully helped thousands to earn their licenses.

Who Can Apply for a Washington State License?

There are a few things you should know about applying for a license within the state of Washington. Every state has different requirements you must comply with according to the laws and regulations specific to your state. To learn more about how to get a real estate license in Washington, you can always refer to the state’s official website here. For those wishing to acquire a license, the stipulations are as follows:

  • Applicant must be 18 years of age
  • Applicant must have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent

If these prerequisites already apply to you, you’re ready to begin the application process.

Step-by-Step Path to Obtaining a Washington State License

Here are the seven steps must complete in order to get a real estate license in Washington. Once you have completed everything on this list, the DOL will issue you a salesperson’s license, allowing you to practice real estate under the guidance of a managing real estate broker. Here’s how to get a real estate license in Washington:

  • 1) At some point within the two years leading up to your applying to take the broker’s exam, you’ll need to take 90 hours of education courses. Here’s the breakdown of those hours:

    • 60 will focus on real estate fundamentals
    • 30 will focus on real estate practices

    If you’re looking for a way to accomplish this, you’ll need to find real estate classes in Washington that qualify to offer these credits. Mbition is an excellent way to do so, and offers Washington Real Estate Pre-license courses in three different packages: the Silver Solution, the Gold Solution, or the Platinum Solution.

    Each package will include core classes in pre-license practices, real estate fundamentals, flashcards on national terms, and test-taking tips. You’ll also receive practice exams, be able to interact with your instructors to receive expert help, and receive ongoing support as needed when it comes to any technical issues you may have.

    The higher level packages contain some bonuses that the committed student may benefit from, such as:

    • A personalized study plan
    • An exam prep toolkit
    • Our money-back guarantee that you’ll pass the exam on your first try!

    We have been able to serve over 750,000 real estate students earn their licenses. With that kind of a track record, we’re confident that our real estate classes in Washington will be the perfect fit for you!

  • 2) Along with getting your real estate education, you’ll need to register as a student with Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), the organization responsible for tracking your courses and submitting them once you’ve finished. To do this, go to their website and click on the Portals tab at the top of the page. Click on Washington Student User and follow the instructions you find there.

  • 3) Now you’re ready to sign up for a time to take the exam. In order to schedule this, go to this website and click on Schedule/Reschedule examination, giving yourself plenty of leeway to prepare before the day arrives.

  • 4) The real estate exam is a critical step along the way to receiving your license and you’ll want to put your very best effort into preparing for it. Mbition offers real estate classes in Washington that provide you with a resource called the Washington Master Exam Prep Package, which comes complete with a personalized study plan, flashcards to use as you review national real estate terms, an introduction to agencies, contracts, finance and law, as well as useful tips to consider when taking the test.

    With this resource, you’ll be well-equipped to master each question you come across on the exam. With the right amount of dedicated effort, your study hours will pay off when you walk into the exam area knowing all you need to know about real estate practices and protocol in Washington.

  • 5) Before you leave to take the broker’s exam, here are a few useful points to keep in mind:

    • You’ll need to present two forms of current ID, one with a recent photograph
    • The cost of the exam is $138.25
    • The exam consists of 100 national and 30 state-specific questions
    • You will be given 3 ½ hours to complete the exam
    • You may use a basic calculator
    • The Washington state exam will contain questions having to do with agency relationships and contracts, real property ownership and marketing regulations If you’d like to know even more about what to expect on this test, you can learn about it here.
  • 6) Within this same time frame, you’ll want to get a background check and will need to be fingerprinted. This can be done at your local police station or sheriff’s office. You can find out more about how this process works by clicking here. This step helps to ensure that you are trustworthy and competent as a new real estate applicant. The DOL expects all real estate brokers in the state of Washington to renew this background clearance every six years for as long as you’re actively practicing real estate.

  • 7) You’ve almost made it, but there’s one last step. Simply login to this website and click on Apply for a New License where you can enter the necessary information and pay your license fee. This license will cost $146.25 and once the payment clears, you’ll receive an email letting you know your license has been approved. However, your license will not be active until you are sent an online request to join a specific firm. Once that happens, you’ll be issued an active real estate broker’s license and it’s time to celebrate!

As a real estate school authorized to offer real estate classes in Washington, Mbition is confident we can help you through every one of these steps so that you can obtain your real estate license and enjoy a successful career in this field.

Required Continuing Education to Keep an Active Broker’s License

Each state within the US requires real estate agents to renew their licenses periodically. In the state of Washington, your first renewal is especially rigorous. Before two years are up after receiving your license, you’ll be expected to take an additional 60 hours of real estate courses, half of which will be in Advanced Practice while the other half will be in Real Estate Law. Each subsequent renewal thereafter will only require 30 credit hours, with every renewal including the Core Real Estate Course. You can expect these classes to cover topics like starting a successful brokerage, listing and selling HUD homes, anti-discrimination laws, and ethics in real estate. If you’re looking for real estate classes in Washington that assist you in receiving these course, Mbition is an excellent choice!