How to Become a Real Estate Salesperson in Hawaii

How to Become a Real Estate Salesperson in Hawaii

Life as a real estate agent is exciting, especially in the beautiful state of Hawaii! As a real estate salesperson, you can experience the perks of being your own boss, having a flexible schedule, and earning a limitless income. Professional development in real estate provides plenty of career opportunities - real estate brokerage or appraisal, commercial site management, and leasing. The beautiful islands of Hawaii offer distinctive real estate properties of substantial value, meaning you’ll have a chance at higher commissions! Your schedule will be determined by your clients’ needs, but you really have the freedom to set your own hours. The independence of a career in real estate is only enhanced by the limitless earning opportunities! The harder you work, the more money you can make.

Curious about how to become a real estate salesperson in Hawaii and take the next step in your career? First, you’ll have to meet these initial requirements:

  • Must complete and submit a FBI criminal background check

The state of Hawaii requires all real estate salespeople to be licensed. The licensure process in Hawaii entails the following steps:

  • Complete 60 hours of approved pre-licensing courses
  • Pass the Hawaii real estate associate examination
  • Obtain Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance
  • Find a sponsoring real estate broker - the state of Hawaii requires all real estate agents to work under a licensed real estate broker
  • Submit your license application within 60 days of passing the exam

Real Estate School in Hawaii

In order to meet the required 60 hours of pre-licensing education, you must find an approved real estate school in Hawaii. Mbition is a comprehensive, industry approved, and instructor-led online real estate school in Hawaii that provides you with all the mandatory courses and exam prep materials you will ever need to begin your career as a real estate salesperson. Offering multiple pre-licensure packages, Mbition provides the most in-depth coursework that covers real estate best practices and real-life scenarios. With Mbition, you can meet your requirements, pass your exams, and excel as a real estate agent in Hawaii.

The real estate licensure process can be tedious due to all the mandatory requirements. With Mbition’s user-friendly platform, however, you can take your credits at your own pace. Fast learners can breeze through coursework without being held up by the class, while slower learners can take the time they need to gain full comprehension. Mbition courses were designed so students can learn wherever they want, whenever they want. So don’t waste anymore time searching for “how to become a real estate salesperson in Hawaii” - Mbition has all the answers for you! Our customer service team is on standby to help you with any questions about requirements or coursework. Our goal is to provide educational solutions to professionals and students. As the best real estate school in Hawaii, Mbition is at your service. Contact us today to learn more about our courses, eBooks, and student benefits.

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