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At Mbition, our goal is to stay on the cutting-edge of real estate education. That’s why we are always updating our real estate, appraisal and home inspection textbooks and support materials.

As a Mbition partner, you have access to these books at incredible pricing for your students.

Updated Titles:

  • Essentials of Real Estate Economics, 7th edition (Betts/Cicino)
  • Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession, 12th edition (Jacobus)
  • Real Estate Finance, 11th edition (Baker)
  • Real Estate Finance and Investment, 8th edition (Clauretie/Sirmans)
  • Real Estate Principles, 13th edition (Jacobus)
  • Mega-Producer Results in Commercial Real Estate: A Blueprint for Success, 2nd edition (Herd)
  • Florida Real Estate: Principles, Practices, and License Laws, 4th edition (Irlander)
  • New York Real Estate for Brokers, 6th edition (Spada, Fields)
  • North Carolina Real Estate: Principles & Practices, 8th edition (Mangum)
  • Real Estate Brokerage: A Guide to Success, 2nd edition (Hamilton)

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