Pre-licensing Education Package

Tennessee Real Estate Pre-licensing Gold Solution

About This Package

Pass the real estate exam with ease using our comprehensive prep strategies!

The Tennessee Real Estate Pre-licensing Gold Solution is a 90-hour package packed with courses, webinars, analytics and more. It’s so effective, we’ve included a Pass the First Time Guarantee (when used with our Exam Prep tool). This package features:

  • Tennessee Affiliate Broker Pre-license Course, a 60-hour digital Sales Pre-license course that satisfies the state education requirement and thoroughly prepares you for the real estate exam. Covers real estate law, finance, ownership, contracts, and the transfer and use of property.
  • Tennessee Real Estate Pre-license Course. If it’s on the exam, it’s covered here.
  • National Real Estate Exam Prep - PSI, our powerful, state-of-the-art exam prep tool. It uses adaptive learning technology to create study materials that meet your individual needs. There's nothing on the market that can compare!
  • MathMaster, a sophisticated program that teaches you the skills you need to master real estate math. Includes hands-on practice problems and detailed explanations of all formulas.

Throughout the program, you’ll also have access to unlimited customer and technical support during business hours.

Want to ace the real estate exam? Enroll today so you walk in on exam day prepared and relaxed.

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90 Credit Hours