Thinking About Becoming a Property
Appraiser in Oregon?

That’s great! Property Appraisers are in high demand, and the field is always advancing.

Start your Property Appraisal in 2 Easy Steps

1 Take Required Coursework to Become an Appraiser Assistant.

  • Because a full license requires some experience in the field, students usually start by taking 75 hours of coursework, plus a 4-hour, Board-approved Supervising Appraiser/Appraiser Assistant Training Course. Once you pass this initial test, you are an Appraiser Assistant or “appraiser trainee”, and can move on to the next step.

2 Complete Oregon’s Required Work Experience

In Oregon, you must complete “apprenticeship” hours in the field under the mentorship of an established licensed Appraiser. Since there are different levels of certification, there are different requirements in terms of the experience hours required.

  • Licensed Appraiser - 2000 hours in no less than 12 months
  • Certified Residential Appraiser – 2500 hours in no less than 24 months
  • Certified General Appraiser – 3000 hours in no less than 30 months, with at least 1500 hours of experience in non-residential appraisals 
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Oregon Appraisal Licensure Levels

  • Appraiser Assistant 
  • Licensed Appraiser
  • Certified Residential Appraiser
  • Certified General Appraiser

Licensing requirements vary depending on which level you’d like to pursue:

Oregon Appraisal Licensure Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age 
  • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Satisfactory completion of the state examination (Not required for the Trainee Appraiser)
  • Submit application, required documents, and associated fees

Education Requirements

  • Appraiser Assistants:
  • Licensed Appraiser: 150 hours of coursework
  • For Certified Residential level: 200 hours of coursework, plus either an Associate’s Degree OR 21 college semester hours in specific subject matters
  • For Certified General level: 300 hours of coursework, plus either a Bachelor’s Degree OR 30 college semester hours in specific subject matters

Experience Requirements

  • Appraiser Assistant – No experience required
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