How to get a Real Estate License in Hawaii

How to Get a Real Estate License in Hawaii

Real estate is a lucrative industry, especially in a beautiful state like Hawaii. From extravagant holiday mansions to quaint island homes, Hawaii real estate has plenty to offer for all potential buyers. A career in real estate opens the door for professional development. Many who start as real estate agents go on to become brokers, appraisers, or property managers. Real estate also brings all the perks of independent work - a flexible schedule, limitless earning potential, and networking opportunities. In order to take advantage of this lucrative career opportunity however, you will have to put in some initial work. All states require real estate agents to be licensed. From coursework and examinations to continuing education, each state has different rules and regulations for real estate licensure.

In the state of Hawaii, you must first meet these initial requirements before you can begin the licensing process:

  • Must complete and submit a FBI criminal background check

If you meet the above requirements, then you can begin the Hawaii real estate licensure process, which entails the following requirements:

  • Complete 60 hours of approved pre-licensing courses
  • Pass the Hawaii real estate associate examination
  • Obtain Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance
  • Find a sponsoring real estate broker
  • Submit license application within 60 days of passing the exam

While the process may seem complicated, it was put in place by the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Real Estate Branch to ensure that only the most qualified and reputable individuals are practicing real estate agents. The most important step of the process is completing the 60 hours of approved coursework. This coursework was designed to help you exceed as a real estate agent. The material covered by the courses will prepare you for both your exams and your career. Finding real estate classes in Hawaii that offer the required coursework is made easy with Mbition.

Real Estate Classes in Hawaii

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