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English-Spanish Real Estate Dictionary, 2nd Edition

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With over 2,000 real estate terms in English and Spanish, this is a quick and easy reference guide for busy real estate professionals. The added investment terms in this second edition allow you to navigate real estate investment transactions with ease. Whether you're working as a real estate agent or studying to become one, you will benefit from this invaluable Spanish-English resource.

Con m?­s de 2,000 t??rminos de bienes ra??ces en ingl??s y en espa?ñol, ??ste es un gu??a de facil referencia para los profesionales de bienes ra??ces. Los t??rminos de inversi??n a?ñadidos en esta segunda edici??n te permiten navegar con facilidad en las transacciones de inversiones en bienes ra??ces. Si est?­s trabajando como agente de bienes ra??ces o estudiando para ser agente, beneficiaras de este recurso invaluable de espa?ñol-ingl??s.

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Authors: Nora Olmos and Charles J. Jacobus

Copyright: 2016