How to Become a Real Estate Salesperson in Alabama

Have you ever considered becoming a real estate salesperson but weren’t sure where to start? Mbition has all the resources necessary to help you achieve your goal. We make it easy with our simple, step-by-step system that spells it out for you clearly and offers all the support you’ll need along the way.

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Who Can Apply for an Alabama State License?

It’s important to be aware of the requirements for getting your real estate license within the state of Alabama and to make sure you are compliant with laws and regulations specific to your state. To learn more about how to become a real estate salesperson in Alabama, you can always refer to the state’s official website here. For those wishing to acquire a license, the stipulations are as follows:

The general requirements for those who are wondering how to become a real estate agent in Alabama are as follows:

  • Applicant must be at least 19 years old
  • Applicant must be a US citizen or legal alien
  • You must have obtained a highschool diploma, GED, or equivalent

If these qualifications already apply to you, you’re ready to begin the application process.

Step-by-Step Path to Obtaining an Alabama State License

The following five steps must be completed in order to become a real estate salesperson in Alabama. Once you complete these steps, the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC) will issue you a temporary salesperson’s license, allowing you to engage in real estate activity under the guidance of a qualifying real estate broker. Once you complete the requirements within the first six months of passing your exam, you’ll be issued a permanent license. Here’s how to become a real estate salesperson in Alabama outlined for you in five simple steps:

  • STEP ONE: Complete the required 60 hour pre-license course. To do this, you’ll need to find a real estate school in Alabama approved by the AREC. Mbition is one such school and has successfully helped thousands on their way to practicing real estate. We are an approved resource for completing all of the required hours and offer a basic package called the Alabama Real Estate Pre-licensing Silver Solution which includes the following:

    • MathMaster - a mathematics study tool full of hands-on math and finance problems relevant to the real estate business. Brush up on your skills and know the calculations.
    • Live instructor support from industry experts who can answer any questions you may have about the course. They are on stand-by to help you with whatever you may need.
    • Technical and software support from our knowledgeable staff who are available 24/7 so you won’t miss a beat

    In addition to this package, Mbition offers two other packages: the Alabama Real Estate Pre-Licensing Gold Solution or the Platinum Solution. These options are for ambitious students eager to improve their chances of success using supplemental study tools and exam prep materials. These upgraded packages also include a money-back guarantee that you’ll pass the exam on your first attempt, giving you more peace of mind!

  • STEP TWO: Prepare for the real estate exam. The real estate exam is the most important portion of the licensing process, so you’ll want to dedicate a significant amount of time to preparing for the big day! Mbition is a real estate school in Alabama that provides ready-to-use study materials created to solidify your understanding of current real estate practices in your area. You’ll love the Alabama Master Exam Prep Package which provides the following useful resources:

    • A prep tool allowing you to create a personalized study plan
    • Flashcards to help you review important national terminology
    • A course review of agencies, contracts, finance and law
    • Helpful test-taking tips to keep in mind as you prepare

    With such a sophisticated resource to assist you, you’re well on your way to reaching your goal! We’ve helped over 750,000 real estate professionals pass their exams and obtain their licenses and we’re prepared to help you to do the same!

  • STEP THREE: Schedule your exam. Once you’ve put in all that study time, you’re ready to schedule your exam! You can set up a time and pay for the exam through the testing service Psychological Services, Inc, or by calling (833) 892-5441. Here’s what you need to know as you prepare to take this step:

    • The exam consists of a mix of both national and state-specific questions
    • You must pass with a 70% or higher
    • You will have 3 ½ hours to complete the exam
    • You’ll need to bring two forms of ID and may use a simple calculator

    Included on the exam will be questions regarding license requirements, broker licenses and trust funds. This is when your hard work really pays off, allowing you to take this step with confidence!

  • STEP FOUR: Apply for your license. Finally, it's time to apply for your license! You must apply within 90 days of passing your exam. If you have taken and passed your exam but are not yet ready to begin practicing, you can apply for an inactive license until the time comes when you’re ready to shift to an active status. The cost of an active license is $210 while an inactive license will cost $180. Once you pass the exam, you’ll be given an application for a temporary real estate license. This application will require you to supply the following documents:

    • A criminal history record information (CHRI), or background check, including fingerprints, must be submitted to the AREC. The background check is only good for 30 days, so time this step accordingly.
    • Proof of age
    • Proof of citizenship
    • A copy of your high school diploma or equivalent
    • Proof of residence
  • STEP FIVE: Fulfill your additional required education. All applicants must acquire 30 additional hours of real estate education coursework within the first six months of passing the exam in order to maintain an active license status. Again, Mbition can help. Once this step is completed, you will receive a permanent real estate license. Congratulations! You’re now a licensed agent!

Alabama’s Post-license Continuing Education Requirement

All real estate professionals in the state of Alabama must renew their licenses every even year by September 30th. To qualify for renewal, licensees must complete 15 hours of continuing education, including 3 hours in Risk Management. The remaining hours will consist of qualifying elective courses. Mbition is approved as a real estate school in Alabama, to offer these continuing education (CE) courses. Our courses offer valuable instruction in:

  • Short sales and foreclosures
  • Tax advantages of home ownership
  • Avoiding violations

Looking into Your Real Estate Future

Want to take your career one step further? Mbition offers courses on how to become a real estate broker, a home inspector, or an appraiser. There’s no telling where this path might take you, so if you’re looking for a real estate school in Alabama that can launch you even further ahead, Mbition is a great one to consider. Our interactive courses offer relevant content to fit a variety of learning styles. We are committed to complying with your state’s requirements and will keep you up-to-date as regulations change. With over 50 years of excellent service and a top-notch support team available to lean on, you’ll find you’ve got all the support you need with Mbition!

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