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Texas Real Estate Promulgated Contracts


About This Book

Texas Real Estate Promulgated Contracts familiarizes students with the forms and addenda put forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), so they can knowledgably represent real estate buyers and sellers. Licensees will learn which forms are appropriate in various situations, how to accurately complete these forms, and how to explain to all parties their options under those contracts. This text is designed to meet TREC’s standards for the 30-hour Promulgated Contract Forms course, and is based on the teaching, brokerage, and writing experiences of two qualified, successful real estate educators.

Features include:

- Follows the TREC-mandated outline and walks readers through filling out forms such as the One- to Four-Family Residential Contract (Resale), the Farm and Ranch Contract, and the Seller Financing Addendum

- Offers realistic scenarios and practice sessions to help readers develop their analysis and application skills

- Learning Objectives, Key Terms, Summaries, and Review Questions in every chapter to reinforce key concepts

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Authors: Johnnie Rosenauer and Melissa Weathersby

Copyright: 2016