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Managing Broker Responsibility

About This Course

In detail, this course provides a general overview of the types of real estate forms and contracts brokers must use in day-to-day real estate transactions. To understand why contracts and forms must be used properly, the course introduces with a court case where the student analyzes, reviews, and reads a summary of the precedent in the case. Best practices and procedures for reviewing contracts and using research and training materials to determine legal descriptions are also covered. Content and video tutorials explain to the student how to standardize forms and produce them in Form Simplicity, while also addressing best practices for distributing these contracts and forms to clients. The course closes with explanations on the importance of developing proper closing instructions for all licensees and entities working for a broker.

Please note the Managing Broker Responsibility course does not meet the 2018 Mandatory Requirements.

The following coursesdomeet the 2018 Mandatory Requirements:

- ANNUAL REQUIRED TOPIC (1 HOUR): Limiting Risk to Preserve Personal Safety for Agents and Clients

- 2018 REQUIRED TOPIC FOR ALL LICENSEES (3 HOURS):2018 Real Estate Forms and Contracts for Salespersons and 2018 Real Estate Forms and Contracts for Brokers.


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3 Credit Hours


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