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27-Hour Online Broker Advanced Practices (Does NOT Include LARRC)

About This Course

This course provides a 27-hour Continuing Education course on Advanced Real Estate Practices that agents can take to meet their renewal/licensing education requirements.

This course covers topics such as:

- a buyer’s and seller’s agency relationship with a client (including disclosure, care and diligence, loyalty, confidentiality, and effort);

- the four categories of misrepresentation, the nine elements that constitute fraud, and the definitions of negligence and innocent misrepresentation in the context of real estate;

- license law, which examines the methods by which agency can be created and terminated, the actions by a licensee for which a consumer is liable, and the actions by a consumer for which a licensee is liable;

- the requirements for property management in Oregon (focusing on property management agreements, the implications of property management by a licensee, trust accounts, and trust account recordkeeping); and

- the fiduciary obligations of an agent to the principal and the third party, respectively (including details brokers must include on their licenses, what they must disclose, and the provisions they must follow to legally operate a real estate business).

The course concludes with provisions of the Oregon Real Estate Commission rules regarding ethics in real estate advertising, relationships, and disclosure.

The course lessons feature exercises and case studies designed to give practical knowledge of Oregon agency and license law for real estate professionals.

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27 Credit Hours


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